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 The Book of Leviticus (Vayikra in Hebrew) (July 9/2017 – August 27/2017)

Leviticus or Vayikra is an invitation to friendship and love. Leviticus is the key text of Judaism. It is here that we read for the first time the command to “Love your neighbor as yourself.” It is the source of the even greater moral principle, “You shall love [the stranger] as yourself, for you were strangers in Egypt.” It is Leviticus that forbids us to take vengeance or bear a grudge, taking a stand against the psychopathology of hatred and violence.

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Leviticus is the central book of the Pentateuch, the Torah. This makes it the most important of the five. Biblical literature often works on the principle of mirror-image symmetry (chiasmus), structured in the form of ABCBA. In any work so patterned, the climax is not at the beginning or the end but in the middle. At the center of the five Mosaic books, Leviticus is the axis on which they turn.

Leviticus sets out an entire infrastructure for justice and equity in political and economic life. It is Leviticus that sets out the parameters for employer-employee relationships. It humanizes slavery and sets in motion a process that must end in its abolition, however long it takes. It speaks about debt relief in the Jubilee year. Leviticus was the book with which Jewish education traditionally began. For many centuries, as far back as Talmudic times, it was the first text Jewish children studied their introduction to the word and will of God.

In this 8 Week series about Leviticus, we read What are the challenges for Christians today in reading Leviticus? and How can we best interpret the text to apply in our daily life?






 The Wisdom You Thought You Knew (July 24/2016 – August 28/2016)

Our world gives us a maximum of choices but a minimum of meaning. We know the price of things but not the value of things. We have endless freedoms without the wisdom to know how to choose. Young or old, we desperately need wisdom because we all want to choose wisely, live meaningfully with deep satisfaction and the minimum of regrets. There is a whole category of wisdom teaching in the Bible towards this end – a life lived most fully and meaningfully.

This series will explore the tradition of wisdom known as the wisdom books of the Bible. We will learn the nature of wisdom and how to cultivate it. We will learn how to suffer wisely and how to avoid unnecessary suffering.  We will learn to navigate the agonies and ecstasies of love. Wisdom shows us how to interpret the patterns of life and how to respond to them. Wisdom also teaches us to spot when the rules don’t apply and how to respond skillfully.  Wisdom integrates the best of knowledge, doctrine, theology, philosophy, psychology, biography and experience into application towards every conceivable situation that life can throw at us.

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WISDOM PART -3 (Loneliness) AUG 7th 2016

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