Have you ever wondered why there are 66 books in the Bible but few Christians have ever studied all the books no matter how long they have been believers?

This is because we tend to read the Bible thematically rather than as a whole. We also tend to study the Bible in isolation – by ourselves.

Most of us do not learn about God directly from the Bible, but rather, from family, friends, fellow believers or in isolation. We then impose our understanding of doctrines into the texts of the Bible we read and so reaffirm whatever prejudices we accumulate. Sometimes, we so convince ourselves that our understanding is correct that we spend the rest of our lives defending our interpretation rather than improving our understanding with corrections.

The Bible You Thought You Knew Seminar is a program for a community to study the Bible at a level much deeper than regular Bible study groups. While the revelation of God is specially given to us in the witness of the Scriptures, God has not been silent elsewhere. God invites us to understand what can be known about God by observing the things He has made through fields of human inquiry such as the natural sciences, philosophy, mathematics, music, literature, art, history, geology, archaeology, sociology etc.

This is an opportunity, perhaps the only time in your life, to set aside time and labor to read through the entire Bible within a community of faith– among people who have also made the same commitment as you. You are not alone.

The goal in this seminar is to disciple and stretch the Christian as well as seeker’s mind. Through the close reading of the Bible as a devotional exercise and an important form of worship we invite men and women to develop a responsible apologetic, a spirit of intellectual charity, a heart for evangelism and missions, as well as a deep interest in discipleship of others.


Past Seminars


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Seminar –The Book of Genesis

Ad for GenesisGenesis is a book of beginnings and origins. If we know our origins, we will discover more clearly who we are, why we are here, what the meaning of life is and what God’s purposes for our lives are. As we journey through Genesis, we will also answer important questions raised in our time, such as: “Is science and the Bible in conflict? Is there a way to integrate both with integrity?” “We are made in the image of God. What does that really mean specifically?” “Is Darwin’s theory of human evolution in conflict with the book of Genesis?” Were Adam and Eve historical human beings or only representative metaphors?” We will also take a close look at God’s redemptive plan of grace seen through the eyes of Genesis.


5           Genesis: How to Interpret Genesis, Theology and Science

19         Genesis: Human Nature and The Image of God


3           Genesis: Human Origins and Charles Darwin

17         Genesis: The History of Sin, Grace and Redemption

24         Genesis: Discovering Gems from Genesis

Time: 9:15 AM – 12 NOON

Cost: $99