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4/15/18 Post-Resurrection Grace II – A Powerful Grace

The Bible tells us that a “powerful grace” accompanied the apostles who “continued to testify to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus” (Acts 4:33). Is there a weaker version of grace? When we look at the Biblical evidence, God’s grace was already present prior to the resurrection in the lives of the apostles. They knew the right teachings and doctrines but their lives evidenced defeat, self-condemnation and partial victories. Post-resurrection, we cannot deny the “powerful grace” in their new found boldness and the supernatural characteristics of their lives and ministry. It is this “powerful grace” that we want to release in our lives today through the resurrection.



4/8/18 Post-Resurrection Grace

The cross is only part of the gospel story and not the complete story. The resurrection was the central focus that gave birth to the Early Church. Recall that before this, all the disciples were afraid and defeated. It was the resurrection that gave birth to the new message that gave birth to the church into what it is today.


4/1/18 Easter – A Living Hope

This sermon is about the critical importance of the Resurrection for the Christian Faith.


3/25/18 Lent – Death and Grace (Palm Sunday)

Our culture easily disowns death. Even when the church speaks about death, it is more about heaven or hell. Physical deterioration, aging and death are seen only in negative terms.  However, the Bible approaches these issues in redemptive ways. Proverbs tells us that “gray hair is the splendor of the old.” Jesus says, “my death is good for you because it will bear fruit.” This sermon will end wth application about how to live redemptively even when we confront our decline in different areas of life. Grace is always available in the different seasons of life.


3/18/18 Lent – Identification and Substituion

These are the two heartbeats of the crucifixion and the resurrection. Think of this like the inhaling and exhaling of breath that keeps our heart beating. Or the two readings of our blood pressure (systolic and diastolic): they are identification and substitution. Actually there is a third: representation. In a nutshell, Jesus identified with us through His humanity, especially suffering; represent us on the cross by taking upon Himself all our weaknesses, sins and brokenness and became our substitute – in that all His perfection, righteousness, wholeness is given to us while all that wrong with us is placed on Jesus and nailed to the cross.



3/11/18 Fanning the Flames – Truth in the Heart (The Original Social Media)

Whatever rules our hearts rules our lives. Whatever we put into our hearts begins to control everything else in our lives. In whichever way we process what goes into our hearts regulates all the issues of our lives. Over the past few weeks, we have looked at various aspects of our hearts. Today, we will look at truth in the heart.

I. How our heart is shaped
II. How God shapes our hearts and minds
III. How do we let God shape our hearts and minds



3/4/18 Fanning the Flames – The Journey of Freedom

Last week, we looked at the broad overview of Biblical freedom. In short, freedom is living fully according to our design. Today, we will look at another aspect of freedom – the big journey towards freedom so that we have a map we can use towards that end.



2/25/18 Fanning the Flames – Freedom in the Heart

Now that we have spent the past 5 weeks covering the components of the heart, I want to look at a different aspect of the heart. It is the freedom in the heart. Why – because an inner freedom is one of the indicators of how our heart is doing, the same way we measure a person’s temperature to find out if they have a fever.


2/18/18 Fanning the Flames – Feeding the Heart III 

 Feeding the Heart in Direct and Indirect Ways

God has shown us very specific ways to feed and nurture our heart, the main spiritual indicator of our lives. We have previously looked at how to feed the emotional, rational and relational components of our heart. This sermon looks at how rituals and habits feed and strengthen the heart.



2/11/18 Fanning the Flames – Feeding the Heart II 

Feeding the Heart in Direct and Indirect Ways

Last week, we spoke about two ways to feed our hearts: by investing in a spiritual community as well as choosing to express our emotions to God through worship. Today, we will focus on the third way to feed our hearts, through our rationality and mind.


2/4/18 Fanning the Flames – Feeding the Heart I 

Feeding the Heart in Direct and Indirect Ways

This sermon continues where we left off last Sunday where we now want to be practical: how do we feed our hearts? How can we position our hearts and minds to be a posture to grow? How do we practically elevate
our spiritual baseline? How can we practically shift our priorities in our busy schedules that puts us on a path of spiritual growth?


1/28/18 Fanning the Flames – Circumcision of the Heart

This sermon focuses on what circumcision of the heart is.


1/21/18 Fanning the Flames – Guarding the Heart and Guiding the Heart

This sermon focuses on a spiritual indicator in our lives. It is an indicator that cuts through the superficiality on the surface of our lives. Over the next two weeks, I want to focus on the right heart to increase our
spiritual baseline and spiritual satisfaction.



1/14/18 Fanning the Flames for 2018 – Fire In Our Hearts

Starting today and over the next few weeks, Andre will be doing a series that increases our spiritual baseline and foundations.


12/31/17  2017 Year-End – Looking Back in Gratitude, Looking Forward in Hope

Praying through 2017 and for 2018.



12/24/17 Christmas – The Son is Given

What it means to have direct access to God.


12/17/17 Advent – Mighty God

Jesus demonstrates true power.


12/10/17 Advent – Everlasting Father

Today, I want to focus on another aspect of Isaiah’s prophecy – the child as Everlasting Father. Is Jesus the Father? Isn’t Jesus supposed to be the Son? So how can He be both Father and Son at the same time?


12/3/17 Advent – Jesus Prince of Peace

Finding peace in Jesus’ righteousness.


11/26/17 Encounters with Jesus – The Crowds

How Jesus encountered the crowds and related to them.


11/19/17 Encounters with Jesus – Women in the Crowds

How Jesus encounters women in the gospels.


11/12/17 Encounters with Jesus – Mary the Mother of Jesus II

This is a continuation of the previous Sunday’s sermon. This sermon looks at Mary and…

1. How her struggle to understand her son is our struggle
2. Her relationship with Jesus holds her together even though her
theology about Him is inaccurate and mistaken. All of us are in that
3. Jesus is deeply faithful to us even while we are trying to catch up
our understanding of Him


11/5/17 Encounters with Jesus – Mary the Mother of Jesus

In this sermon, Andre takes a look at the relationship between Jesus and His mother, Mary and how that continuous encounter reveals how Jesus relates to us.